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“Practical Management of Lower Extremity Wounds”

A continuing education course offered by the Saskatchewan Lower
Extremity Wound Pathway.

This course is designed to support primary care providers to initiate early, optimal management for venous and arterial leg wounds and diabetic foot ulcers. Early identification and multidisciplinary care are proven to produce better outcomes for patients.

Participants in this course will

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 Frequently Asked Questions

The pathway is created to support optimal care for chronic lower extremity wounds by: standardizing wound assessment and treatment around evidence-based assessment and treatment protocols; providing training and tools to nurses and physicians; supporting better communication among multidisciplinary providers; clarifying red flags for specialist referral; monitoring patient outcomes. For more information about the pathway and to access all tools and documents, visit the web pages here.

The author of this course is Dr. Tessa Laubscher, Co-chair of the Clinical Implementation Committee for the Lower Extremity Wound Pathway. Dr. Laubscher received her medical education in South Africa. When she moved to Canada in 1990 she worked as a family physician in La Ronge and northern Saskatchewan for 9 years. She currently lives in Saskatoon where she works half-time in family practice and part-time in diabetes medicine, chronic disease management, quality improvement and medical education. She is a diabetes consultant in the Saskatoon Health Region Adult Diabetes Clinic, physician co-chair of the Saskatchewan CDM-QIP program, and physician advisor to the Rx Files Academic Detailing Program. Neither the authors nor any planning committee members have any affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a pharmaceutical, medical device, or communications organization. Input has been provided by a planning committee as well as members of the multidisciplinary Implementation Committee for the Lower Extremity Wound Pathway including Dr. Brian Ulmer (co-chair of the Clinical Implementation Committee for the Lower Extremity Wound Pathway), Dr. Jacqueline Kraushaar, Dr. Janna Cuthbert, Dr. Brian Laursen, Dr. Myles Deutscher and Carolyn Morin RN.

This web-based course is divided into six modules of differing lengths. Learners may advance through the material at their own speed. Most modules end with a quiz to assess learning objectives. In all, most participants can complete the program in 2-3 hours.

There is no cost to take the online training course.

This program has been accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Saskatchewan Chapter for up to 3 credits.
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